The LG2PT is a compact, single-phase, two wire, keypad-based prepayment electricity meter. The LG2PT is SABS approved.

This meter is used where there is no DB available in the building.

The LG2PT has an  onboard earth leakage and current overload protection. Users have access to meter information such as a low credit warning, current energy consumption, and load contactor status.The meter also has an easy to use keypad and large LCD display.
Principle of Operation
The LG2PT meter is based on the ESKOM Specification, which calls for a prepayment meter that can be fitted into a standard plug-in base. This concept ensures simple installation and replacement procedures. The meter is keypad based and supports the industry standard STS encryption algorithm. Access to meter information is available using the keypad and LCD. More detailed information and programming is achieved via the standard interrogation port at the rear of the meter, according to the defined ESKOM specification. Because of the onboard supply isolator, earth leakage protection, current overload and short-circuit protection into the meter the need for a distribution board in the house is eliminated, thereby reducing overall installation costs.
This meter is sealed on the front to facilitate easy management.
If you need more technical detail you can find it at the documents & brochures link.